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If you want to make your walks more enjoyable, more productive, and more fun, join us at an interactive MindWalks® workshop. We promise it will change the way you experience the world!

You'll learn techniques that can:

  • Help you solve problems
  • Reduce the impact of stress
  • Enhance your enjoyment of the world around you, and
  • Help motivate you to stick to your exercise program.

Facilitated by Mary Frakes, the author of MindWalks: 100 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated, and Nourish Your Soul, your MindWalks® workshop will show you how to enjoy the psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of walking while you get the exercise you need. 

Workshops involve little physical effort and are held indoors, rain or shine. They are appropriate for any age or body type.

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For our current workshop schedule,

call us toll-free at 1-877-MINDWALKS

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